How to optimize kitchen lighting?

Never underestimate the importance of proper lighting in the kitchen. Pendant lights, wall sconces, and table lamps all suit your needs! Here’s everything you need to know to make an informed choice.

Although there are thousands of fixtures on the market, not all of them are necessarily suitable for the kitchen. Whatever model we choose, it should be not only functional, but also aesthetic. For example, the use of paper or fabric utensils should be avoided due to grease deposits that make them difficult to clean. Preference is given to those made of glass, metal or even wood. Finally, light must be able to penetrate every corner of the kitchen: the sink, stove, countertops, storage spaces, etc. A common mistake is to install a single light in the center of the room, which creates shadows over work areas. Golden rule: for a bright kitchen, we turn on general lighting paired with auxiliary lighting sources.


Often used to visually define a dining area or an island area in an open plan kitchen, pendant lights are part of the general room lighting along with recessed lights. In addition, they attract attention and give the decor a personality. To create a more intimate atmosphere during dinner, it is highly recommended to choose dimmer-controlled lighting. Those that are height adjustable are also interesting when it comes time to adapt the lighting to a given surface.

Wall sconces

These wall sconces illuminate work surfaces, creating a subdued atmosphere in the kitchen.

Wall sconces attached directly to the walls complement general lighting and are especially useful for creating subdued lighting in certain areas of the kitchen. When the light is directed upwards, it is called indirect lighting and hence diffused light. However, sconces are not only decorative. They can also illuminate certain areas, especially in the case of models whose halo can be directed manually. Although the sconces are more discreet, it is worth choosing models that are combined with other fixtures and materials that are used in the kitchen.

Table lamps

A table lamp is placed at the end of the counter, which makes it easier to read and creates an atmosphere during an aperitif.

In addition to spotlights and wall sconces, kitchen lighting ideas in Spain can be optimized with countertop or shelf-mounted fixtures. Practical, they make browsing cookbooks and newspapers easier. Aesthetic, they can direct the eye, for example, to beautiful accessories displayed in decorative niches. This accent lighting also allows you to create games of depth in the kitchen, while also ensuring maximum functionality in every corner.