Choose Lighting for your Garage

To illuminate the garage, we recommend wall lights. Also don’t forget the space in front of the garage; take a look at outdoor lights, preferably equipped with a motion sensor.

It is obvious that when you buy light fixtures for your home, you will first focus on buying a pendant lamp for the kitchen, a light fixture for the bathroom or the living room. However, don’t forget the lighting for your garage. Who wants to damage their car? Because to park well, you need good light.

Fluorescent tubes are fine

Some garage doors bend under the ceiling which restricts the possibility of using a ceiling light. The best solution is therefore the use of wall lights. We also recommend wall lights for garages with sliding door; when you place a car in the garage equipped with a ceiling light, it is the roof of the car which will be lit up while the spaces around the car will remain dark and you will have difficulty seeing inside your trunk. Wall lights are much more suitable.

Of course, their design will attract your attention, but pay attention in particular to their functional side, in the garage, trends are not so important as in the kitchen or in the living room.

First of all, due to the nature of this space, the luminaires must have a high degree of IP protection (learn more about the IP value here). We recommend choosing the minimum IP44 protection: the luminaire is protected against the intrusion of solid bodies with a diameter of 1 mm and more (if you need dust resistance, the first number must be 5 or 6) and also splashes of water from all directions.

Since the garage is often the place of DIY and heavy objects are carried there, it is ideal to have a luminaire with a protective grid.

In our experience, the most suitable types of luminaire for lighting the garage are fluorescent lamps. They provide a large amount of diffused light throughout the room while consuming little energy. We recommend lamps with an electronic ballast that allows the light to be turned on immediately without flickering at first. Plus, you won’t have to wait for the lights to come on fully and you can get the car into the garage right away.

Even if you only have a small garage, we advise you to buy more than one lamp. This is even more valid when your garage is a bit bigger and you have your workshop there. Regarding the lighting of the workshop, do not forget to get a light for the work plan.

To do this, you can already use a fluorescent lamp already mentioned, which must be placed in such a way that it does not cast a shadow on your work surface. If you are doing an activity that has a lot of small details, it is necessary to have an external table lamp as well.

Luminaires with sensor, it’s practical

The category of garage lighting ideas does not only include interior lights, but also lights that will illuminate the space in front of your garage. In our e-shop, we offer a wide range of outdoor lights, ceiling lights and wall lights. The choice depends on your taste and the size of the space you need to light up, taking into account whether you have the recessed spotlights already illuminating your driveway.

A very good choice for illuminating the space in front of the garage is a luminaire with a sensor. This type of luminaires has a motion detector that automatically turns on with movement within its detection angle. They are really practical, because they turn off on their own after a certain time. The light only turns on when needed, saving you money. Luminaires with sensor can also be used to illuminate the interior of the garage. You won’t have to worry about forgetting to turn off the light.