Harbor Breeze

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans To Bring Your houses The Trendy Breeze

Harbor Breeze ceiling fans are one of the quickest ceiling fans that are currently gaining much popularity in the market. They fit right into your ceiling, and are fully featured with customized fan speeds and lighting levels that will help you control them with a remote control.

They are quite affordable as they consume very little electricity as compared to the air conditioners and help provide great decoration to your interiors as they come in variety of designs and colors. They also come with a kit that will give you a complete manual about their installation steps.

They are available in a variety of sizes that can be chosen according to the room size, for the perfect circulation of air. Fan blades with a diameter of 30-36 inches can be chosen for a 75 sq feet room while a room of 150-250 sq. feet might require a blade size of 44 inches.

What makes Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans perfect for your room, are the features that come along with them. They are available in various colors ranging from antique bronze, ivory, and thick black to pure white and light brown.


They are provided with a remote control to control the settings according to your taste, like the fan speed, when they are out of reach. They come with reverse mode to rotate the fan in the opposite direction, to help maintain airflow and the pull chain controls to control them when your remote doesn’t work.

Also, the fan speed can be customized according to the room temperature, for which Harbor Breeze provides us with the thermostat control mode.When it comes to their installation, either you can have someone else install it for you, which might include certain charges depending on your location and the wiring conditions, or you can install it yourself by correctly following the attached manual.

See to it that the fan is attached at least 7 feet above the floor and that its blades do not face any obstructions while rotating. Also clean your ceiling fan at regular intervals to prevent it from dust, by making sure the switch is off being doing so. Unscrew all the blades, and clean them thoroughly with soap and water.

These fans are premier ones with high durability and best quality.Thus, grab one for yourselves before others shine in their trendy houses with their Harbor Breeze ceiling fans.

Operating your Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan

Most of the time, we take lighting for granted. It is not something we bear in mind all day and all night, but it is definitely something we miss like crazy when we encounter the darkness. There are some things to consider when deciding on a piece of lighting that best works for your home or office.

Ease of Installation

Yes. Sometimes there is more to installing a light than just plug n play. Though some lamps were made for plugging in and turning on, others have a more detailed approach. Sometimes, you have to read an instruction manual and use a little elbow grease.

For example: operating your Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan. Doesn’t it sound exotic? Well, aside from the name, there are many types of Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans and they all require some technological skill in actually installing and using the fan.

Energy Efficiency

Say that quickly five times. There are lamps that you can stick an energy efficient bulb into. But what about the ones that come with their own specialty bulbs? Beware of voltage usage. No two light stand or lamps are made the same.

Ask around and read the small print when it comes to purchasing that perfect light stand or lamp that works for you. If energy efficiency is important, you can certainly do a little research to keep from draining your pocketbook with high electric bills.


All in all, whether you are looking for a quick solution to a dark room, or the perfect piece to accessorize the rest of your furniture, you have to approach the purchase from an educated angle. Just going out and acquiring any piece of lighting would most likely cause a measure of regret in the long run. Give yourself the opportunity to shop around and find the best fit for you.

Installing Your Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan

During summer, ceiling fans are not just aesthetic fittings in the house. They are helpful accessories that help to cool the high temperatures. The harbor breeze ceiling fan has been highly ranked among the best ceiling fans and this is because of its immense advantages in terms of ease in installation.

Installing Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan

There are different types of harbor breeze ceiling fans. They range in terms of size, price and models. These fans are best known for stirring large volumes of air in the place where they have been installed.


They do not require expert personnel to carry out the installation. It is therefore beneficial to install the fans on your own as it helps you to save the budgeted cash in your pocket.


The method of installing your harbor breeze ceiling fan will depend on the model that you own. Wiring to the fan should be complete before installation. However, if any additional wiring is required to install the fan, you ought to consult a skilled electrician to help you. Another basic step is ensuring that the electricity in the room you are working from is turned off.

There is usually a distance of approximately 12 inches between the ceiling and the blades of the fan. To make this distance standard, a 24 inch rod is normally availed. The spacing is important as it allows the fan to spin in a continuous manner with no interference.

Steps to be followed

  1. Start by removing the fan’s cover plate and then remove the center of this plate.
  2. Insert the kit wires via the holes in the cover plate.
  3. Screw this plate firmly to the kit to prevent the fan from rotating loosely.
  4. Find two wires in the switch housing – light wires- and carefully connect them to the light kit using the connectors.
  5. Finally, push the wires back and attach the kit to the housing.


For safety purposes, it is advisable to refer to the instructions in the manual. This will help to prevent any possible accidents.

How to Clean Your Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan

Today, I will give you quick and easy instructions as to how you can clean your Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan with things that you can easily find in your home or any regular hardware store. We all don’t like the task of having to clean something that is hanging from the ceiling so I will do my best to keep this easy for you.

You will need the following:

For high ceilings;

  • A long-armed ceiling fan duster, or if you find the shorter ones, you can get one of those pole extensions that you can get from any hardware.
  • A rug on the floor to catch the dust and dirt that will fall from the ceiling
  • A face mask for you to avoid inhaling any of those dusts that will fall out
  • Vacuum

You will simply slip the blades of the Harbor Breeze Ceiling fan into the hole of the roundish duster and that’s it! Vacuum the fall-outs and you are done. If you have one of those vacuums with fancy dusting extensions, you can go ahead and use that for your ceiling fans as well.

You can also use the following steps for high ceilings if you happen to own a very high ladder.

  • For medium height or regular height ceilings;

I kind of like cleaning this way better because you can always do a very thorough clean, simply because you are cleaning it at a level that you can freely use your hands.

  1. A pillow case – Old ones that you no longer use are ideal.
  2. Your favorite cleaner
  3. Ladder

Spray the inside of the pillow case with your favorite cleaner and then climb up the ladder towards your ceiling fan.

Slip the blades of your Harbor Breeze Ceiling fan into the pillow case and press the pillow case on to the blades and wipe in an outward direction.The case should be able to catch all the dust from the blades so no vacuum cleaning would be necessary if you do it as instructed.

These quick and easy ways should be able to help you get on with that task that you have been putting off. It’s not really as hard as it seems isn’t it?